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Emergency Nursing – split-second decision making; expecting the unexpected; working as part of a team of emergency response professionals; need plenty of stamina; saving lives.

Perioperative Nursing – working as a member of the operating room or a special procedures team; highly technical and exacting; the ability to specialize in certain types of procedures and work as a first assistant with surgeons; providing supportive and safe care at a vulnerable time in patients' lives.

Medical/Surgical Nursing – working with a wide variety of medical and surgical patients; coordinating treatment; recovery and discharge planning with physicians, other hospital departments and patients' families; improving lives.

Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Nursing – working with very small premature newborns; combining cutting edge technology and high-touch patient interaction; family education; making life possible.

Critical Care/Intensive Care (CCU/ICU) Nursing – caring for patients at high risk for life-threatening health problems; providing care that requires complex assessment; high intensity therapies and interventions and observation for subtle changes in a patient’s condition; making sure that patients receive vigilant and optimal care.

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