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Student Aid

The cost of your education is a crucial element to consider as you plan for your future as a nurse. Student aid exists to help you and your family pay for your education. There are a number of different kinds of student aid available to you, including grants, scholarships, work-study programs and loans. There’s even student aid available especially for nursing students through loan forgiveness and tuition reimbursement programs depending on your tract and length of study in school.

Sound difficult? It’s easy! All it takes on your part is a little research, evaluation and planning – and you can lower the cost of your college education. Here’s how:


Research and create a list of student aid opportunities that will help you reach your education goals. Financial aid awards have been established for nurses studying at all education levels.

If your goal is to start earning money and quickly enter the workforce as a Licensed Practical Nurse, your employer may have tuition reimbursement or loan forgiveness programs available, enabling you to work while studying towards a higher degree and having part or all of your education paid for.

If you choose to maintain an extended course of study prior to securing employment you may find more scholarships, grants and work-study programs open. Federal student loans can supplement or complete your financial aid package. Researching each avenue in student aid is the key!


Once you have identified financial aid opportunities, carefully evaluate the requirements, advantages and disadvantages of each. Discuss the options with your family, school counselor, nursing educators – and friends. As a nurse who will be in high demand, you have the flexibility to choose and apply for the most beneficial financial aid options.


Set reasonable goals for your education, financially and scholastically. Write them down and set on a steady course for achieving them, but remain somewhat flexible. As you gain career experience or as you move through your academic program, your goals may change. Reevaluate your ideas frequently to ensure your plan will help you achieve success.

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