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Nursing Loan Forgiveness

Imagine… repaying your student loans just by doing your job as a Pennsylvania nurse. The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation can help pay for your nursing education and help you achieve success in the field of nursing.

“Nursing Loan Forgiveness for Healthier Futures” is a program created to help you repay your student loans through an innovative loan forgiveness program. Through the “Healthier Futures” program, you gain a powerful advantage at the beginning of your nursing career or as a nursing professional continuing your education and professional development. And as a Pennsylvania nurse, you will help address the nursing shortage affecting so many organizations and people in need of caring and qualified health care professionals. It’s that easy! There is no better way to begin your career on the right track to success.


By working for a participating Pennsylvania health care organization or health system after graduation, up to 25 percent or $12,500 of your eligible student loan debt can be forgiven over three years of qualified employment. At a minimum, participating employers will match PHEAA’s loan forgiveness contribution; however, employers will have the flexibility to increase their matching contribution to enhance their organization’s nurse recruitment and retention efforts.


  1. Have an outstanding AES/PHEAA owned, guaranteed, and serviced federal Stafford loan(s) in good standing.

  2. Must have graduated from a licensed nursing program in Pennsylvania or have been a Pennsylvania resident at the time of application for Stafford loan(s).

  3. Complete a qualifying program of study, no earlier than 2003, leading to a Certificate/Diploma/ Degree as:
    • A Licensed Practical Nurse within Pennsylvania
    • A Registered Nurse within Pennsylvania, or
    • A Nurse Educator within Pennsylvania

  4. Pass the Pennsylvania licensure examination for a license to work as a Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse within nine months of receiving the nursing degree.

  5. Begin full-time employment:
    • Within three months of graduation as a direct patient care nurse at an approved, participating Pennsylvania facility, or

    • Within one year of graduation, as a nurse educator in an approved, participating Pennsylvania postsecondary education program.

  6. Complete at least one full year of continuous, full-time, direct-care employment or employment as a nurse educator at participating employer's Pennsylvania qualified facility.

  7. Have the participating employer verify the completion of continuous, qualifying employment throughout the year.

To be considered for funding through the Nursing Loan Forgiveness for Healthier Futures program, you must complete and submit an application postmarked no later than August 31st of the year you graduated from nursing school. View complete Eligibility Guidelines.


American Education Services
Nursing Loan Forgiveness for Healthier Futures Program
Lender School Team
PO Box 2461
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2461
Phone: 1-800-859-5442
Fax: 717-720-3916

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