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Futures In Nursing is an online career and financial aid resource that conveys the excitement, energy and pride associated with a career in nursing to potential nursing students - as young as middle school-aged as well as current nurse professionals in Pennsylvania. As part of a public service awareness campaign sponsored by AES/PHEAA and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation, Futures In Nursing aims to help address the nursing shortage in Pennsylvania by promoting the diverse career paths available in nursing, while encouraging new students to consider and enter the nursing profession.

PHEAA would like to express thanks to The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania for their contributions to the development of the FuturesInNursing Website.


The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), is a not-for-profit multifaceted student aid services organization that harnesses the power of technology and innovation to better serve students, families, schools and lenders. American Education Services (AES) is a division of PHEAA.

Over the past 39 years, the agency has grown from a small student loan guarantor with a volume of only 4,600 loans into one of the nation's largest, full-service financial aid services providers. Today, AES/PHEAA manages more than $34 billion in total assets and serves nearly four million students nationally through its guaranty, servicing and financial aid processing systems. The funds generated from its extensive operations are used to improve higher education opportunities and lower the cost of financial assistance for students and families while streamlining the entire process for the higher education community.

As a self-funded organization, PHEAA provides more than $80 million annually in public service benefits to Pennsylvania families - - including low-cost student loans and powerful Internet-based solutions - - at no cost to taxpayers.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation is a non-government, nonprofit organization seeking to create, expand and enhance affordable options for postsecondary education for students, families and schools in Pennsylvania. The Foundation identifies key areas in need of financial assistance and creates innovative programs and services that alleviate the financial burden of tuition and other education costs. The Foundation also promotes the affordability of a quality higher education and the career opportunities that can be realized with continued education.

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